Media Law & Consulting

Licensed in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Unique Media and Legal Experience

Dave Frankel spent more than 25 years in television news before opening the law firm of Frankel & Kershenbaum. Best known as the morning weatherman on 6-ABC in Philadelphia, Dave was also a hard-hitting investigative reporter, news anchor, and contributor to the ESPN news magazine Outside the Lines. He's an experienced lawyer with a unique perspective that benefits all of his clients. Dave brings his media experience to his law practice to help clients who gather the news - as well as clients who find themselves on the news.

Representing Broadcasters and Other Creative Professionals

Dave represents broadcasters, journalists and other creative professionals in every aspect of their careers, from contract negotiation, analysis and review to performance coaching. Dave has extensive experience at every level of the television industry, from local news to the national networks, and has negotiated both personal services contracts and collective bargaining agreements. He has also defended publishers and broadcasters to protect their First Amendment right to publish and broadcast the news.

Media Consulting and Crisis Management

As a former reporter, Dave knows how the media works - from the inside! Dave's media background and extensive contacts in newsrooms from coast to coast are invaluable to his business clients. When news reporters call them, they call Dave. Dave's unique experience as a lawyer and a former reporter give his clients the edge and insight they need when dealing with the news media. And when the courts of law and public opinion collide, Dave's there to counsel his clients and help them navigate through those two equally dangerous minefields.

Don't Wait. Call Dave Today.

Dave can help your business survive a public relations or legal crisis, but why wait? Call Dave now to develop a media plan before the reporters call.

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